Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Defensive Security Briefing

Prior to travel, a cleared employee should have a good understanding of their responsibilities to protect national security. A Defensive Security Briefing is for those who travel overseas and may be vulnerable to foreign entity recruiting methods. They should be constructed to make the cleared traveler aware of their responsibilities to protect employees, product, customers and those with which they do business. Topics of the defense security briefing should include threat recognition, how to assess and how to respond when approached for recruitment

Prior to travel, the employee should notify their security office of all foreign travel plans. This includes plans for Canada, Mexico and Caribbean Countries. The security department can then construct a plan for the specific area after researching the area to be travelled. The state department has a great website can fill security and the traveler in on all necessary travel documentation and what to expect while abroad. Traveling employees (and anyone traveling abroad) should familiarize themselves with the site and use it to become an informed international traveler www.state.gov.

As we have covered in previous posts, technical data can be transferred by reading a note, viewing a computer screen, conducting seminars and etc. Make sure you are authorized with a license and or TAA before discussing technical data that falls under exports compliance. Employees should know the boundaries in advance before sharing any technical information with the foreign hosts. Also, a sanitized computer provides no threat of exports violations or theft of economic or corporate data. Make sure your IT department provides a sanitized computer for the traveler’s administrative needs. Also, keep all documentation that could lead to export violations or the release of proprietary data close at hand.

Employees should practice good physical safety and security. A good practice is for them to conduct themselves as professionals at all times. Pretending the CEO is traveling with with the employee is a good idea as they go about representing the company. Also, stick with your host. They will ensure employee safety and hopefully refer them to reputable establishments.

Some threats an employee can face while abroad are economic and intelligence threat. Economic Threat is the theft of technology and commerce. The agent may be after formulas, financial gain and etc. Foreign entities may target classified or company sensitive information to gain a competitive edge. This costs millions of dollars in damage to U.S. business. Intelligence threats are similar but, they make up collection efforts against the U.S. to increase for government power and competitive edge.

We will examine more in detail training for employees traveling abroad. Be sure to check back often.

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