Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Wrap Classified Packages

How to Wrap Classified Packages
By: Jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP

The National Industrial Security Program charges cleared contractors with protecting classified information. This protection extends through all phases of contracts and throughout the duration of the classification. Protection also includes the reception, storage, dissemination, and destruction of the information.
Dissemination is a critical part of protecting classified information as the classified information leaves the control of the cleared organization. Whether couriered, mailed, or otherwise delivered, it is removed from a cleared facility and must be prepared in a way to protect the information from unauthorized disclosure.
Prior to sending out classified information the FSO should ensure that it is double wrapped with opaque paper to preclude casual observation of the classification markings and contents. The inner wrapper is marked with the proper classification, provided an address with sender and addressee indicated, and properly sealed on all seams. Additionally, a receipt should be included with the inner wrapping to indicate the contents, sender, and addressee. No classified information should appear on the receipt. Though the NISPOM directs SECRET and above deliveries to include a receipt, it is a good practice to also send a receipt with CONFIDENTIAL information. Receipts should be signed by the addressee once they inspect the delivery. The outer wrapper should not include a classification and should be addressed to the security department or FSO and the classified mailing address.

Always store and protect classified information properly. The information provided below can prove helpful as a checklist for transmitting classified information:

Stamp opaque envelop with highest classification and other required restrictive markings.
Label with recipient company name and address, ATTN: Recipient’s name or office, section, mail stop, etc.
Seal all seams with opaque tamper-proof tape
Include two copies of receipt inside or attached to inner opaque envelop

Label opaque envelop with classified mailing address ATTN: FSO
Seal with opaque tamper-proof tape covering all seams.
Classification or other restrictive markings are not annotated on outer envelope.

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