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Insider’s Guide to Security Clearances

Insider’s Guide to Security Clearances

Who this Book is ForPerhaps you are one of the many who have questions about getting a security clearance. Maybe you are interested either as an employee or business owner in getting a security clearance, but don’t know how to get started. This book is written with you in mind and is addressed specifically for defense contractors operating under the Department of Defense guidance. Other Government agencies may have different procedures. However, this book can be used as a general reference regardless of which agency the contractor is operating under. This book reflects requirements as found in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM)

There are numerous training opportunities within the industrial security community, government services, and professional organizations. However, other than government regulations, there are few published books addressing the subject. This book is intended to provide answers that help those who would like to know more about what it takes to get a clearance or prepare for work on classified contracts. It will assist the college student studying industrial security or homeland security, upstart companies looking for work, and new industrial security employees with understanding the fundamental demands of a career in Industrial Security.

Employees and defense contractors who desire to have a security clearance are often uninformed on how to get them. Some think that security clearances can be granted to allow them to be more employable. Businesses may want to have a security clearance for their businesses so they can get more work. However, security clearances are granted only on a contract and legitimate government work that requires access to classified information.

This book is divided into chapters with you in mind. The way our book differs from other security clearance books resides in following chapters describing what to do once a clearance is granted. We can’t promise to help you get a clearance. Getting a security clearance depends on whether or not you or your business is trustworthy and you have products or services needed by the government or another contractor. This book only provides an overall view that is covered in more detail in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) and the book, Security Clearances and Performing on Classified Contracts both available from Red Bike Publishing.

The chapters walk the reader along the requirement of registering as a defense contractor, the facility security clearance and personnel security clearance process, the required appointed positions, the National Industrial Security Program and how to protect classified information. For example, once a facility clearance is granted, a Facility Security Officer (FSO) must be appointed to manage the security of classified information and contracts. This book addresses the general FSO duties that may be assumed by the business owner or an appointed cleared employee. It also lets the non business owner reader know what to expect once they get their security clearance.

This book is intended to provide information about the security clearance process. The author does not guarantee that the reader will get a security clearance. All coordination for the security clearance process should be conducted through the government, Defense Security Services and a Facility Security Officer.

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