Friday, January 14, 2011

An Insider's View of How to Get a Facility or Personnel Security Clearance

You’ve spent a lot of time, effort and training to be in the position you are in today. You probably spent personal time taking courses, college and attending professional seminars. You are learning and growing, and working hard to earn business as a defense contractor. Perhaps you want to take the additional step to be a cleared defense contractor.

Defense contractors who desire to win classified contracts do not always know where to go to find information on what might be expected of them. Some might find that contracts beginning as unclassified may become classified at a later time, leaving the company with a steep learning curve. Leaders not experienced in working with National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) or classified contracts may not know where to look for information or gain access to training or possible expenses until after the Government grants their facility and personnel security clearances.

Red Bike Publishing can help. We will soon publish the eBook "The Insider's Guide to Getting a Security Clearance", followed by the mush awaited "How to Get a Security Clearance and Manage Classified Information and Contracts". We have a newsletter for you that focuses on how to get a security clearance whether you are a business owner or an employee.

The author is a 25 year veteran security clearance holder. His experience in the Army and as a cleared contractor FSO has left him responsible for maintaining the clearances of thousands of employees as well implemented programs to protect our nation's secrets.

The newsletters helps:

Understand the security clearance process
How to get a security
How to keep a security clearance
How to establish a cleared contractor organization
Learn more about compliance issues
Protect classified information
To find out ordering information for the upcoming books and insider information of secuirty clearance issues, visit to get our newsletter.

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