Thursday, January 20, 2011

NISPOM books and ebooks

If you are serious about advancing in your field, get this book. Learn the secrets to becoming influential, earning credibility and studying for the ISP Certification. Secret number one, you are a technical expert and know the business of protecting classified information. Let us help you prepare for the test. Our book helps you prepare for both your career and the ISP Certification Exam. Keep reading for sample questions.

Using our books to augment your ISP exam preparation will help you be better prepared. This book is the only one available for the ISP Certification and offers much more than what is found in other study manuals. Our author teaches insightful study tips designed to show you how to: form study groups, network, seek out opportunities at work, learn your way around the NISPOM and has four exam length practice tests. It’s true, those who have bought our books and used our techniques to augment their preparation have performed very well. See our testimonials page for their stories.


What can be more important than protecting our Nation’s secrets? This study system offers easy to understand career advice and provides a study system designed to help industrial security professionals and Government security specialists understand the NISPOM and Presidential Executive Orders implementing the National Industrial Security Program. Industrial security professionals serving in the government, private or DoD Contractor industry can benefit from the study. Situations and questions throughout the book are designed to help improve your understanding of the NISPOM. In fact, many Facility Security Officers and industrial security professionals face similar situations as they help to safeguard our nation’s secrets.

This is the only product of its kind providing four practice tests, practical advice for security professionals and improved fundamental NISPOM knowledge. ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual will both help prepare you for the test and provide career enhancing training to best meet the needs of our government security specialists and industrial security professionals.

Why do you need this book?
The following most recent security job postings tell the story: “Must have CPP or ISP certification” and “Certification as a CPP or ISP preferred.”
Right on target! Jeffrey Bennett’s exam manual is the perfect supplement to the NISPOM for anyone preparing to take the Industrial Security Professional certification exam. The approach is clear and easy to use. It’s definitely worth the price and more.”

Are you prepared for the next step in your career?
Our study method can help with two main problem areas:
Time Limit: One of the ongoing lessons learned involved many not completing the test before it timed out. Fortunately, our practice tests provide a great opportunity to study and become familiar with the NISPOM.

Knowledge Base: A great example concerns one of the most challenging portions for many; Chapter 8. No one can know the entire NISPOM cover to cover. However, rehearsal with the NISPOM will increase your chances of passing the exam, no matter what your strengths and weaknesses.
This is an incredible resource for ISP Certification and any other security training.
See sample pages including practice tests for actual formatted questions.
So, are you ready to jump start your ISP Certification preparation?
Just to reemphasize, you know the business of implementing and overseeing a security program for protecting classified material. All we want to do is give you a concentrated study method to help you prepare for the exam. You concentrate on your career, while we design your study plan.

Why should you earn your NCMS ISP certification?

•Certification identified in Executive Order 13434, National Security Professional Development

•Certifications can help increase earnings 60% (ASIS Study)

•The industry values certification

•ISP Study Book—Great value

•More than 400 questions with answers (Four Tests)

•Practical advice for security professionalspa

Perhaps you feel that the certification is not for you.

Well, did you know the Department of Defense is recognizing certification and also requiring its employees to take on similar certification? Defense contractors are requiring certification for new hires in Human Resources, program management, accounting, and other business units for years. Now, they are looking for leaders in industrial security have board certification.

Perhaps you feel $60.00 is too much for a study guide.

Compared to other certifications and business standards, our price is just about right. Similar ISP certification study guides and programs cost the same, but none offer the volume of questions. This is an investment that can help you get certified and possibly command a larger salary. You may be able to earn this investment back many times over.

“Excellent book for security professionals looking to enhance their Industrial Security Skills and Knowledge. The ISPCertification Exam Manual is also a must for ISP exam applicants.”

However, we have new alternatives.

1. Get our full ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual Full eBook for $24.95. It is simply the eBook version of our four test 440 question print book. This book is design to simulate the real exam. Just download the book and the related electronic NISPOM (We have provided a link in the book) and practice taking the exam.

ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual Full eBook. $24.95

2. For a limited time only, we have made available the ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual Mini eBook. For $9.95 you can test drive our 110 question version for a fraction of the price (our book’s first 110 questions). Then if you need more questions, you can consider one of our other book options.
ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual Mini eBook. $9.95

3. We are also pleased to also offer ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual flash cards. Now you can experience 110 questions (our book’s first 110 questions). This is a great study reference to augment our book or other study methods. With questions on the front and answers on the back, you can practice any time. Just download the flashcards and print them yourself on Avery 8315 or similar templates. Each card is ¼ of a 8.5 × 11 inch page. For $9.95, this is a great deal.

ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual flash cards. $9.95

Also, all of our materials are 100% guaranteed to provide great study aids. We can’t promise you’ll pass the test, but we can promise you will study the right material.

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