Friday, April 8, 2011

Clean Desk Policy

NISPOM is for all cleared employees

Simple Solutions

Simple acts such as maintaining a clean desk policy has helped reduce security violations. In this situation, an employee removes everything from the tops of their working surfaces or desks except for the classified material. That simple practice could make a busy employee more aware that any articles on the desk requires extra diligence and must never be left unattended. When no longer needed, classified information should be locked up in a security container or closed area. If a desk is empty, the cleared employee can also assume that there are no classified items out. This discipline creates an environment that reduces the chances of the employee leaving a classified item vulnerable to compromise if they forget to secure it prior to taking a break or leaving for the day. Also useful is the posting of a desk tent and door hanger with an important reminder that classified items are left out. As the employee leaves their work area, they will encounter the warnings on their desk or door handle.

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