Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why I wrote ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual

Excerpt from the tentatively titled book "Get Rich in a Niche-Writing and Publishing for Small Industries"

A familiar saying, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” describes that a need comes before a product. Someone recognized a lack of a product or item and without successfully finding satisfaction, they invented a product themselves. Many become wealthy and famous providing what they themselves found the world to lack. I have helped other professionals by providing practice tests and boosting the confidence of others who desire a security certification. Before I took my certification exam, I looked around for leadership. I found a small study group, however, it was up to me to study for and pass the examination. Because there was lots of encouragement, but not much leadership in the area, I began to invent my own study program.

Many of my ideas were not conventional in the specialized security market. However, I had learned from college, previous military and life experience, how to set goals and establish a way to reach those goals. With a lack of publication in the area, I went about touching, experiencing, and researching everything I could about the certification. I volunteered for extra jobs at work (related to the certification) and took notes of my progress.

I also read reviews of the test and articles about who passed the test and what they did to study. Most who had failed had done so because they ran out of time. Since the certification exam has a two hour time limit for 110 questions, I knew that my priority was to find the answers quickly. When the day came, I took the test and finished in plenty of time. I realized that I held a key to passing the test and knew that I could share it with others. Where others ran out of time, I found a way to beat the clock. My book continues to not only encourage others to take the exam, but to pass. The reviews on Amazon.com testify to my unconventional approach to the test taking. My premise is that the professionals already know the material, and I can show them how to organize studying to successfully pass the test.

And that’s the point. There was a problem and I knew I had the solution. Others continue to write to me as well as post positive comments about my book. To date, I still have no serious competition, but others are arriving to the market. I just have to stay on top. My publications allow professionals to focus on their careers, knowing I will provide quality niche related publications.

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