Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review Questions from Chapter 11 "DoD Security Clearances and Contracts Guidebook"

If you are a defence contractor, cleared contractor or cleared employee, try these questions. Want more, see

1. The vice president of business development has just brought up the wonderful opportunity of selling an all weather capability the company produces for medical evacuation flights to a foreign owned company. 

a. Suppose this item needs a license prior to export. Describe the first step an organization would take in consideration of a possible export.

b. If the item is to be delivered to a foreign company just down the street, will export requirements still apply?

2. You are travelling as an authorized courier to deliver a package that contains classified information at the CONFIDENTIAL level. Upon arrival, the foreign government customs agent wants to take custody of the package. You present your credentials and attempt to talk her out of the idea. She informs you that as a representative of the foreign government, she is authorized to accept the delivery. Is she correct? Why or why not?

3. As an FSO, you have many responsibilities including approving classified visits. A program manager enters your office and informs you that his foreign customer wants to send an employee to perform at your location on a classified project. The program manager requests that you draw up a sample visit request form that the foreign company can use to submit a visit request. Is this the proper request procedure? Why or why not?

4. In the same situation as question three, the visit has been authorized through appropriate channels. Since your cleared facility handles many classified contracts, you want to ensure the visitor does not gain access to classified and unclassified items not authorized for export. What will you produce to ensure the visitor and company employees remain in compliance with export laws?

a. Which agency has jurisdiction over commercial and dual-use items?

b. Which regulation covers commercial and dual-use items?

c. Which regulation governs the export of defense articles?

5. Your organization has an opportunity to perform a modification of a foreign government weapons platform. You will not be selling an item, but modifying the platform for a radio mount. If awarded the contract, your company will send a team to the foreign country to perform the services over the next few years. What type of request will you submit? Who is the approving agency?

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