Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ask the FSO

Dear FSO,

I was wondering if you could have your folks move my desk for me. The executive assistant recommended that I contact you since you are the "facilities officer".
Move M. Emuch

Dear Move,

Chapter three of the NISPOM lists training requirements that all cleared employees must take. The FSO's challenge is to ensure that the cleared employees understand their requirements, understand the training, implement what they learned and of course sign the training record.

When you invest in security training your employees will benefit. Required training topics include NISPOM requirements:

  • Threat Awareness
  • Defensive Training (foreign travel briefing)
  • Overview of the Security Classification System
  • Employee Reporting Obligations and Requirements
  • Security Procedures and Duties Applicable to the Employee’s Job
  • Marking Classified Material
  • Safeguarding Classified Material
  • Control and Accountability
  • Storage and equipment
  • Transmission
  • Original Classification Authority
  • Performing on Classified Contracts


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