Thursday, August 18, 2011

Forms You Might Need to Know About

These standard security forms are used in administering the security classification programs in Government. Industry members should contact their contracting agency for information on how to obtain these forms.
The majority of these items are available through the General Services Administration's (GSA) Federal Supply System. Some of the forms are available online at the GSA web site or can be obtained by calling
1(800) 525-8027.

*     SF-312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement
The SF-312 is a contractual agreement between the U.S. Government and a cleared employee that must be executed as a condition of access to classified information. By signing the SF-312, the cleared employee agrees never to disclose classified information to an unauthorized person.
*     SF-700 Security Container Information
The SF-700 is a form that contains vital information about the security container in which it is located. This information includes location, container number, lock serial number, and contact information if the container is found open and unattended.
*     SF-701 Activity Security Checklist
The SF-701 is a checklist that is filled out at the end of each day to insure that classified materials are secured properly and allows for employee accountability in the event that irregularities are discovered.

*     SF-702 Security Container Check Sheet
The SF-702 provides a record of the names and times that persons have opened, closed and checked a particular container that holds classified information.
The following three cover sheets are placed on top of documents to clearly identify the classification level of the document and protect classified information from inadvertent disclosure.
*     SF-703 Top Secret Cover Sheet
*     SF-704 Secret Cover Sheet
*     SF-705 Confidential Cover Sheet
The following labels are placed on various forms of U.S. Government property (i.e. CDs, diskettes, computers, etc.) to clearly identify the classification level of the information located in or on that property.
*     SF-706 Top Secret Label
*     SF-707 Secret Label
*     SF-708 Confidential Label
*     SF-709 Classified Label
*     SF-710 Unclassified Label
 In a mixed environment in which classified and unclassified materials are being processed or stored, this label is used to identify media that contains unclassified information. It's function is to aid in distinguishing among those media that contain classified information in a mixed environment.
*     SF-711 Data Descriptor Label
Used to identify additional safeguarding controls pertaining to classified information that is stored or contained on various forms of media. 

For more information, visit the Industrial Security Oversight Office

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