Friday, October 14, 2011

What is a National Industrial Security Program Enhancement Category

Defense Security Services are training their agents to apply the new Security Rating Calculation tool. This tool is used to standardize and is based on a numerical scale that allows graded results while accounting for a cleared facility’s involvement in the National Industrial Security Program. However DSS is training their agents to ensure they understand the process before implementing it.
This provides a great opportunity for cleared contractors and FSOs to prepare for the changes to come. One of the most prominent features is the addition of a method to grade the ability of a cleared contractor to go above and beyond National Industrial Security Operating Manual (NISPOM) requirements. At one time the ability to go above and beyond seemed objective, requiring the FSO to demonstrate how they went above and beyond during the review or other interaction with DSS. Now, DSS has included a proactive measurement called the NISP Enhancement. According to the DSS website, “…directly relates to and enhances the protection of classified information beyond baseline NISPOM Standards.”
DSS has identified 13 categories that they will evaluate the cleared contractor for “above and beyond” capabilities. During the review the DSS special agent will interview employees and review processes and procedures to evaluate impact on the security program.
The 13 criteria follow:
Category 1-4 Security Education
Category 5 Self inspection
Category 6 Classified Material Controls/Physical Security
Category 7 CI integrations/Cyber Security
Category 8 Information Systems
Category 9 FOCI
Category 10 International
Category 11 Membership/Attendance in Security Community Events
Category 12 Active Communication in the Security Community
Category 13 Personnel Security

Future articles will include ways to implement each of the13 categories. I hope you’ll continue to visit our blog and newsletter for more information on “going above and beyond baseline NISPOM Standards.”

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