Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 Effective Ways to Go Above and Beyond with Category 7 of the NISP Enhancement

Category 7 of the NISP Enhancement is:  Counterintelligence Integration/Cyber Security provides a tool that cleared contractors can use to demonstrate exceeding NISPOM requirements. Injecting this into the security program also enhances security by bringing to light types and frequency of suspicious contacts.

1.      The purposeful execution of Foreign travel pre-briefings-When employees travel to a foreign country, they may be targeted to provide sensitive information. A threat and/or defensive briefing should be provided to all cleared employees per NISPOM Chapter 3 (NISPOM Training). The briefings should be documented with signatures, dates and contents of briefings for presentation to Defense Security Services (DSS) industrial security representatives.
2.    Conducting debriefings once the employees return from foreign travel. It is a tool to follow-up with the threat or defensive security briefing presented prior to the foreign travel.
3.    Implementation of quality assurance efforts to check and verify Suspicious Contact Report (SCR) training, reporting directions and employee knowledge (e.g., setting up appropriate simulated exercises to validate employee knowledge/situational awareness of SCR reporting process). A good training resource can be found @ http://www.dss.mil/counterintel/.
 This can be done in a number of venues:
·        Employing trigger points at various business units. For example, a cleared employee traveling overseas may be required by policy to contact human resources, company insurance, travel branch, export compliance and etc. Build in an demonstrate a trigger point where the Facility Security Officer is also notified to provide briefings or other performance action
·        Build in simulation exercises during annual security refresher training. Demonstrate and document training, discussions, role playing and other activities that teach and test employee knowledge

For more information on NISP Enhancement, see DoD Security Clearance and Contracts Guidebook

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