Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Four Powerful Ways FSOs Can Employ in Creating a Security Conscious Enterprise

1.  Influence at all levels-A key trait an FSO should demonstrate is the ability to work within organizational structures to gain executive, manager and work force cooperation. An FSO can train and write policy but without the enterprise’s full cooperation, will find it difficult to enforce.

2.  Integrate security at all levels-A well integrated security plan ensures that all business units within an enterprise notify the FSO of any change in disposition of cleared employees or classified contracts. This integrated system will trigger the contracts, program manager, business development and other units to coordinate with and keep the FSO informed of expired, current, and future contract opportunities and responsibilities.

3.  Be fiscally responsible-An important task that an FSO faces is the successful implementation of the security program while supporting the company’s primary mission; to make money while successfully performing on classified contracts. Security efforts should be risk based and focused while meeting NISPOM requirements. An FSO with business competency and know how is highly desired. For small contractors, this could mean selecting the most competent employee for the appointed duty. For large organizations, a thorough job description and performance requirements should capture the best candidates.

4.  Be flexible, but knowledgeable-The constantly evolving world situation creates an ever changing security environment. Some changes may result in new government policies and guidance. These guidance and policy implementations may provide a changing environment through which the FSO and security staff must be able to negotiate. For the FSO, DSS communicates changes to the NISPOM through Industrial Security Letters (ISL). When changes are identified, the FSO should take advantage of an integrated security plan to notify affected programs and employees to reach a feasible solution.

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