Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FSOs Can Use Defense Security Services Annual Review as Metrics

Annual DSS Reviews as Metrics
Inspections are typically conducted every 12 months for possessing and 18 months for non possessing facilities, but circumstances can require more or less frequent visits. DSS inspects the facility’s security
program for the primary purposes of ensuring their programs provide the proper protection of classified information they are charged with protecting. Additionally, the inspection programs are designed to
improve the effectiveness of the contractor’s security program. At the conclusion of the inspections, the contractor is given a rating ranging from unsatisfactory to superior:

     • Unsatisfactory-indicates that the contractor has lost or is in the process of losing their ability to protect classified material.
     • Marginal-indicates that a contractor is not meeting the requirements of NISPOM and has a substandard security program.
     • Satisfactory-the most common rating indicates that the company is generally in compliance with the NISPOM
     • Commendable-indicates that a cleared contractors runs a successful security program and enjoys the support of management.
     • Superior-is awarded for consistently high security posture and minimum amount of findings or security issues.

Prior to each inspection, the FSO and cleared contractor leadership should present DSS with a state of security briefing to introduce and go over the company security policy. Similarly, the DSS special agent may
provide an out-briefing detailing the results of the inspection. This outbriefing and soon to follow  documentation of the inspection provides further data toward building an excellent security program.

Pay attention to the results and apply them to make your security program to protect classified information even more effective.

For more detailed information, see DoD Security Clearances and Contracts Guidebook.

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