Monday, February 27, 2012

8 Benefits of Studying for ISP Certification

Leaders at all levels can promote a better security environment and professionalism. Whether full time employees devoted to protecting national security or a VP of contracting, leaders set goals for their employees. Part of those goals should help help understand how to create incredible security programs. Focusing on training, interaction with other cleared employees, self-improvement and institutional education should be part of professional development.

Those who write security evaluations for direct reports create goals to challenge them to become better at their jobs, more impactful in their careers and hopefully, groomed to become leaders themselves. Challenging employees and team members to achieve personal and professional goals breeds success.

The ISP Certification is one goal FSO's could take as a goal as well as encourage other employees to achieve for several reasons.

1. The employee gains from such education and a prestigious career milestone.
2. The defense contractor benefits from what the security employee learns and applies on the job.
3. When employees study for the ISP Certification, they learn: how to read and apply the NISPOM, the importance of forming professional relationships with cleared employees, how the cleared contractor and the DSS representatives interact, and much more.
4.  Organizations improve as employee become more impacting in their career.
5. Studying for certification builds teams. The path to the ISP Certification goals should not be taken alone. When employees are challenged with the goal, the leader provides resources for education and allows opportunities for NISPOM training and study as found on the DSS, professional organization or vendor websites. Studies on NISPOM topics are available on the internet as well as on site. If your team is large enough, consider helping them start a study group.
6. Focused and purposeful study facilitates cross training in large security staffs. Security employees who work personnel security issues could work with document control and etc.
7. Annual security self inspections improve as those studying for certification learn by performance.
8. Certification study can form basis for internal skill certification or competency metrics. This helps integrate new employees into their jobs and train an employee on performing individual tasks. The employee works under a mentor who verifies and documents the training.

ISP Certification training encourages cleared contractor facility security employees to study and put into practice knowledge on document control, manage personnel security, provide classified contract support and etc. If such a program exists in your organization, consider using it for further cross training employees who concentrate only on one task. This will help them become more experienced and more prepared for the exam.

Jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP is the owner of Red Bike Publishing Red Bike Publishing . Jeff is an accomplished writer of non-fiction books, novels and periodicals. He also owns Red bike Publishing. Published books include: "Get Rich in a Niche-Insider's Guide to Self Publishing in a Specialized Industry" and "Commitment-A Novel". Jeff is an expert in security and has written many security books including: "Insider's Guide to Security Clearances" and "DoD Security Clearances and Contracts Guidebook", "ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual", and NISPOM/FSO Training" See Red Bike Publishing for print copies of: Army Leadership, The Ranger Handbook, The Army Physical Readiness Manual, Drill and Ceremonies, The ITAR,and The NISPOM

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