Friday, March 23, 2012

4 Steps to Winning the Cogswell Award

So, which companies will win the Cogswell Award this year? FSOs who take the time to develop a world class program designed to protect classified information are very deserving of the award. Here are four proven steps to help you demonstrate that your organization is going “above and beyond” NISPOM requirements:

1. Set security goals that everyone understands. These goals help create the organization-wide security culture that everyone can live with.

2.  Conduct institutional training that support these goals. Ensure the training encourages your employees to report any and all security violations, suspicious contacts, and foreign travel, which will further enhance those efforts.

3. Goals should be tracked and institutional training and expectations should be conducted  in preparation for the annual security inspection. Do this by implementing a daily security management process, which includes physical security, visitor control, and security education throughout the year. Some methods include:
Monthly Security Newsletter
Security Awareness Posters
Security Emails that remind employees about their Reporting Responsibility
End-of-day checks
Annual Security Awareness training

4. Develop a partnership with your DSS rep. The inspection or a security violation is not the first time to meet your DSS rep. While developing a good working relationship, ensure your rep understands the level of support from your leadership. Sometimes the annual review is lengthy and the rep may not be able to appreciate or take in everything at one time. The annual review is a good time to hi-light what you’ve already demonstrated while building the relationship. Walk them through your facility and show the layers of security. This can be accomplished by the display of proper locks, card access systems, front desk procedures for visitors, display of badges, and other visible signs that promote Security Awareness that would only be accomplished with full management support. Then, when the annual review rolls around, remind them of what you’ve already showed.

By developing a security program outlined in the NISPOM and approved by your DSS rep, the Cogswell Award is definitely a reachable goal for your company. Demonstrate and document everything required by the NISPOM and how you went above and beyond. You can also reach out to fellow security professionals and join security associations to further enhance your security program and your security knowledge.

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