Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Defense Security Agreement-An Explanation

Required forms for facility security clearances
Aside from the SF 328, another required form for the facility security clearance process is the Department of Defense Security Agreement (DD Form 441). The Cognizant Security Office (Defense Security Services (DSS) for the Department of Defense) will advise the contractor on how to fill out the forms and answer any questions the contractor may have.
Department of Defense Security Agreement, DD Form 441
The DD Form 441 is a security agreement between the contractor and the DoD and documents responsibilities of both the cleared contractor and the government in the protection of classified information. For example, the contractor agrees to implement and enforce the security controls necessary to prevent unauthorized disclosure of classified material in accordance with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM). The contractor also agrees to verify that the subcontractor, customer, individual and any other person has the proper need to know and has been awarded the proper security clearance level necessary to access classified information.
The U.S. Government agrees to provide security clearances to qualifying defense contractor facilities and personnel. They will also notify the cleared contractor of the security classification level assigned to classified information. The agreement states that the government will not over classify material and that they will notify the cleared contractor of any changes in the classification level. The Government will also instruct the contractor on the proper handling, storage and disposition of classified material. The Government also agrees to provide security clearances to eligible contractor employees. Classification and classified contract information is found in the contract related Security Classification Guide and DD Form 254.
The Government will also assess the contractor’s ability to protect classified material. For the DoD, this is done through an audit or review performed by designated DSS special agents. DSS will make an initial determination of a contractor’s ability to protect classified information. They will also assess and review at reasonable intervals the security process; procedures and methods the cleared facilities use and determine whether or not they are in compliance with the NISPOM.

The DD Form 441 is a requirement prior to a defense contractor getting their facility security clearance. Once complete and approved, the form is maintained at both the contractor location and DSS. It is a required item, subject to DSS review.

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