Thursday, June 28, 2012

3 Simple Reminders that Reduce the risk of security violations

Markings should not be the “stand alone” security measure. FSOs might be tempted to add additional markings to already cluttered media hoping to prevent a user lapse in judgment. Once again the effectiveness begins to wear off and man hours are wasted on efforts that may not increase awareness. To counter the effects, the holder of the classified material must remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings and situation at all times. This is a proactive posture and requires a bit of imagination. Such security is accomplished with solid training and reminders of responsibilities while possessing classified information.

Simple Solutions
1.  Clean desk policy has helped reduce security violations. In this situation, an employee removes everything from the tops of their working surfaces or desks except for the classified material. That simple practice could make a busy employee more aware that any articles on the desk requires extra diligence and must never be left unattended. When no longer needed, classified information should be locked up in a security container or closed area.

2.  Desk tent and door hanger with an important reminder that classified items are left out. As the employee leaves their work area, they will encounter the warnings on their desk or door handle.

3.  End of Day Checks-Using a check list can help ensure classified items are stored properly. Before ever leaving an area for approved classified work, the cleared employee should check classified copy machines, printers, work areas and etc for classified information.

Multiple layers of security should be implemented to reduce the risk of a violation. With a system in place, empty or clean desks, work areas cleared, security containers locked and end of day checklist documented, the cleared employee can proceed with confidence that no classified items are out. This discipline creates an environment that reduces the chances of the employee leaving a classified item vulnerable to compromise if they forget to secure it prior to taking a break or leaving for the day.

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