Saturday, September 1, 2012

Three Items that Provide Facility Clearance Justification

Some defense contractors mistakenly assume that they can request a Facility Security Clearance (FCL) for business development purposes or to better position themselves future classified contract opportunities.  Though that is not how FCLs are awarded there is a process and methodology to justify the FCL. 

The FCL justification is the trigger point for a Cognizant Security Agency like DSS to investigate a defense contractor for a security clearance. A well documented justification indicates that the contractor is or will be required to work on classified contracts .  The justification should include information regarding the nature of the classified work performance that requires the company to access classified information. Some examples are:

1.      A DD Form 254 – This lists exactly what a cleared company is expected to do and how they are to perform on the contract. It provides name of company, DSS covering organization, clearance level, storage level, place of performance and etc. The sponsored company should review the 254 with the sponsor for accuracy and completeness.

2.    A contract or statement of work –This provides great justification as it states how the contractor is to perform. The administrative details may not be as great as the 254, however the SOW does list technical and security related tasks.

3.    A request for proposal-When a government agency or prime contractor has a need, they send a request for proposal listing the need and the performance standards.  The intent is to find competent contractors or vendors to compete and win the contract. If the work requires access to classified information, this can be used to strengthen justification.

There are a few things to consider that could cause DSS to reject an FCL request. This includes a lack of justification and incomplete or inaccurate information. The requestor and sponsor should review packets for accuracy and make corrections as needed.  

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