Monday, March 25, 2013

Eliminate Export Violations

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Export compliance first and foremost helps companies and individuals successfully earn profits while playing by the rules. Our government encourages international business. The opportunities for expanding business and growing employee experience make international trade an attractive endeavor. The benefits are huge as long as enterprises know the rules and successfully transfer technology. The reality is that a license or technical assistance agreement may many times be possible and likely be granted when given the time and consideration required. 

Unfortunately, the routes professionals sometimes take to avoid licenses causes export violations and significant damage to our defense and economy. Successful export occurs where the whole team understands the mission and each business unit and employee role. The compliance officer trains the company and keeps the empowered official abreast on licensing and technical assistance issues. They also establish trigger mechanisms to ensure international travel, business, or employment opportunities come to their attention early in any endeavor involving technology transfer.

Some ideas for success international busines includes:

  • Identifying qualifying technology for export control. 
  • Marking export controlled documents and items
  • Training employees to properly work with export controlled information
  • Understanding that export occurs in briefings, writings, patents, instruction and not just through services or shipped products
  • Establishing public release policy to prevent unauthorized export

For more practice questions, see our  ITAR @

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