Tuesday, July 14, 2015

NISPOM Based Questions

Looking for study information for your next SPeD or ISP Certification studies?

Try these NISPOM based questions and see how you do. You may find some answers in the NISPOM, but some you might just have to think about.

1. You are an FSO of a growing defense contractor. One of the executives approaches you about the need for more space to conduct classified work. He is agreeable to implementing your recommendation to use a restricted area and would like you to prepare a security briefing for his team. Prior to your briefing, you conduct the necessary research. Describe the reason for a restricted area and when cleared employees would use a restricted area. Keep in mind access control and storage requirements.

2. You have just sat down to eat lunch and receive a phone call from a cleared employee. She tells you that the security container’s drawers are closed, but the dial on the combination lock has not been engaged. She explains further that according to the SF 702, the container had been locked and checked 20 minutes earlier. She is sure that was “about the time everyone left for lunch.” What would you direct her to do?

3. Your colleagues leave for the day. On their way out, they inform you that you are the last to leave. The facility is authorized to store classified materials. What will you check for prior to leaving?

4. As part of the building project, you are responsible for providing input into the projected classified contracts and the required work space and storage requirements. As you put together a presentation you research the requirements of a much needed closed area. Describe how a closed area should be constructed. Who approves the construction requirements?

So how did you do? These questions and more can be found in DoD Security Clearance and Contracts Guidebook, as well as in NISPOM Training. Both resources provide excellent study material that may help with passing the ISP and SPeD certification exams. 

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