Saturday, November 2, 2019

New Resource for NISPOM testing

Red Bike Publishing is excited about adding a new resource to assistant you with your NISPOM studies. It's an online test of 110 random NISPOM questions with a 2 hour time limit. Though this is not guaranteed to give you a passing grade, this can be used as a practice test for the ISP Certification or the ISOC certification exam.

Just visit the link and sign up for the online exam. All you need is to register for the practice test and have a pdf copy of NISPOM available and you are ready to go. 

The practice exam has 110 multiple choice NISPOM questions and is timed for 120 minutes. You can take it up to 20 times in a six month period as you study for the actual exam day. Each time you test, the questions and answers will appear in random order. Give it a try.

For practice purposes, download the electronic version of the NISPOM and use it to help search the answers to the provided test questions. Use a timer to count down 120 minutes for each practice exam.

Register for the exam here:

You can find additional certification training and resources at


Just select the “edit” tab and then “find”. Then type the key word or phrase from the test question to help find the answers.

Sample screen shot:

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