Friday, May 1, 2020

NISPOM Fundamentals Training Protecting Classified Information

NISPOM Fundamentals Webinar

Red Bike Publishing is now hosting a webinar with multiple installations. We used to host it at Udemy, but are hosting our own training.

Take NISPOM Classes one chapter at a time

Currently we have each of the NISPOM Chapters 1-8 available. Each lesson is 1 to 2.5 hour long consisting of lectures, presentations and graded quizzes. Soon I'll be loading the rest, but you can start training now.

Or all at once as we have bundled these courses.

We now have the NISPOM Fundamentals course ready to go. This course combines chapters 1-8 and is updated regularly with additional chapters and content. Register now and have access to all updates. As we update, we will be charging more depending on the amount of content. However, if you register now, this registration will include all future updates at no additional cost.
The fundamentals of NISPOM is $350.00. However, for the next few days, we offer them for the introductory price of $150.00
Here's the link to join.

Great way to train for:

  • Newly cleared employees
  • New Cleared Defense Contractor leadership
  • New FSOs
  • Those studying for certification (ISP, ISOC, etc)
  • Students who want to learn more about NISPOM
We go through all the chapters and annexes.
  • Classification
  • Classified Processing on Information Systems
  • Reporting requirements
  • Closed areas
  • International
  • Classified meetings
  • Protection
  • Subcontracting
  • and much more 
  • It's all in one place

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My name is Jeffrey W. Bennett ISP, SAPPC, SFPC, ISOC. The acronyms after my name are DoD and other certifications I have received and are related to requirements for protecting classified information. For the past 20 years I have led security programs to protect classified information, served as an FSO, conducted risk assessments, and provided training for many, many security professionals.
I've taught this course over many years at the University of Alabama, Huntsville
I have also created a company called Red Bike Publishing ( and have writing security books and training for the busy professional.

I want to help:

I've created a unique suite of training to increase your understand the NISPOM. We want to run it live with a select group and we choose you. 
The training can also be used to prepare for security roles and inspections. The training topics below include everything necessary for training the cleared employee workforce at the cleared defense contractor facility (CDC). Training topics also are part of the FSO certification program as well as resources for Industrial Professional (ISP) and Industrial Security Oversight Certification (ISOC).

All of our training is applicable for:

  • Training cleared employees 
  • Training Facility Security Officers and security personnel 
  • Security certification such as ISP and ISOC


This is not a guarantee that anyone can study and pass the security certification. We don't promise a magic bullet to certification or passing a DCSA audit. Not everyone will be able to earn an excellence in an audit or a perfect score on an exam.

However, with that said,

If you follow our guidance in our webinar and books, your chances of being prepared for audits or certifications exams will improve greatly.

You will be equipped to know NISPOM better than most and understand how to apply it to your business, audits, and certification exams. You can start just like I did by just studying the NISPOM and having the skills to pass exams and sail through security issues and audits; just as I have done.

This information is what others wish they had known. If they had had this information, they may have that certification or earned that promotion or even excelled at the DCSA audit.

Study with us:

The training topics will soon include what is required of all cleared employees as below:
  • Initial training or for refresher annual security awareness training
  • Insider Threat
  • SF 312
  • Derivative Classifier 

This information is what others wish they had known. If they had had this information, they may have a clearance by now.

If you are like me, one of the people who come straight to the end of the letter to find the offer, here you go. I'm offering you a little information to clarify the security clearance process. We just want to offer you something of value.

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