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About Us:

We provide books for niche markets. Sometimes traditional publishers cannot earn a return on investment required for publishing in specialized markets. For them, books publishing is expensive and requires a larger customer base than may currently exist in a niche market. For you, this is an incredible opportunity. The doors are wide open for you to publish in small and specialized industry and hobby groups that are often neglected.

Red Bike publishing can help. Additionally, we are registered as a government contractor company with the CCR and VetBiz (DUNS 826859691). Specifically we are a service disabled veteran owned small business.

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Red Bike Publishing Gives

Red Bike Publishing donates a generous percentage of profits to various charities. One of our most popular is World Vision’s Girls in Crisis fund. We have set a goal of reaching $100,000 to help change the destiny of the world’s poor. We invite you to help us reach this goal. Together we can change our world. If you would like to help us meet our goal, feel free to donate here. 100% of your donation will go to World Vision.


Red Bike Publishing exists to create value for our partners, shareholders and customers by building a business to last. This is what we are dedicated to. As the foremost niche publishing organization, we offer what other publishers cannot; focused delivery of industry publications to enhance the professional’s skill levels. We do this by writing and publishing superior fiction, nonfiction, traditional and eBooks and providing empowering training resources at affordable prices.


Red Bike Publishing will be valued for its one of a kind niche publishing and ability to positively impact our customers.

About the Authors:

Jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP, MBA has a combined 25 years experience in the National Industrial Security Program. He is a former Army officer who has served in military intelligence, logistics and speaks three languages. He has an MBA from Columbia College and a Masters Degree in Acquisitions and Procurement Management from Webster University. A teacher at heart, he is board certified to protect classified information. He speaks, writes and provides products to help professionals better protect sensitive and classified information. Jeff is a featured speaker in many venues including a presenter at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He has also provided interviews for security related magazines. Jeff has published articles in On Mission Magazine, ClearanceJobs.com, ezinearticles.com and many, many blogs.

To find out more about the author, visit: www.redbikepublishing.com.

Jeff is on assignment to write his next book, Get Riche in a Niche; Writing, Self-Publishing and Selling in a Specialized Market.

The Evolution of Red Bike Publishing

Not too long ago, Jeff Bennett left a successful Army career. He had served in intelligence, transportation and wrapped up his career in recruiting. By far the most difficult but rewarding had been his experience as a recruiter. Tell a soldier to take a hill in the heat of battle and they’ll do it and exceed whatever standards you give. However, tell them to successfully encourage people to leave everything they know to become a soldier…that’s a tougher task. Hence, Army recruiting has taught Jeff everything about real marketing.

Prior to his departure from the army Jeff had bought and read all of the books he could on marketing, sales, interviewing and resume writing. Almost everything he had read revealed the same message: Find something you are good at and do it. It took awhile, but the message hit home. Jeff met many local business owners who found themselves succeeding in business doing something they enjoyed.

In his journey to finding the right business Jeff took a job in industrial security. It was fun and he could use his strengths and the transferable skills he had learned in the Army to begin a new niche career. As he learned the intricacies of a facility security officer (FSO), learning about the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) and oversight by Defense Security Services (DSS). Jeff certified as an FSO and studied for and passed the Industrial Security Professional (ISP) certification. He also developed a new goal; to be considered a security specialist or expert within five years.

This experience led to the point where Jeff could write his first security book and create Red Bike Publishing and website at http://www.redbikepublishing.com/; all because of similar shortages in niche resources. Now we are meeting more needs with many more books such as NISPOM and ITAR and offering FSO and NISPOM Training, initial security briefings and security awareness training. What began as a desire to teach other security professionals how to study for the exam and increase their chances of passing, has grown to address other specialized industry and hobby shortfalls.